Daisy visited school this morning and had a mini reunion with her class mates; so lovely!  We had a tour of everything new in the playground and chatted to friends.  Daisy was obviously chuffed and overwhelmed but possibly because Christmas is still going on and she was presented with more cards and presents! She was given a lovely scarf by Finlay which she’s now wearing and a tremendous belated card from Luciano which reads:

” Class 2 are missing you.  Without you I’m like a mouth without eny teeth!!!”



5 thoughts on “School

  1. It was lovely to see Daisy at school yesterday, she seemed to be very impressed with the tree house! Looking forward to her next visit.

  2. It was really lovely to see You and your Mum on Friday Daisy. Thank you for the very tasty cornflake cakes you made us. Look forward to seeing you again soon.
    Love to your Mum and Dad too.

    Love From
    Miss Lewis

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