Thurs 5th Jan

We’ve been a bit quiet simply because Daisy’s been so well and we’ve been able to do more normal things as a family! The cough is still there but it’s subsiding and we go to clinic again this afternoon for routine stuff. For now, we’re making cornflake cakes and talking about going back to school (when bugs are at a minimum) and how even though Daisy looks a bit different she’s still the same and can’t wait to see all her friends in class.




3 thoughts on “Thurs 5th Jan

  1. That is such great news guys. So pleased to hear Daisy is doing so well. Does that mean we can come over for a quick visit?! Would be great to see you. xxx

  2. Daisy, I am so glad you are have a lovely time with Mummy & Daddy at home. Chocolate cornflake cakes sound yummy, can you save me one? i think your bandana looks really cool too! Maybe we can get skype set up next week, so if i cant visit maybe we can talk for a short while, i know Christian would love to say hello. Lots of hugs and kisses Aunty Suz xxx

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