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Been to clinic and blood counts are good and consultant’s happy but more importantly we’ve been told that the tumour has definitely shrunk in size. Before I dare to have a miniature celebration about this news it is all quickly overshadowed by a lengthy conversation about surgery which was my fault because I asked loads of questions about it.  I’ve basically been left in my own wake but, as ever, we don’t have a choice and this time next week we should know whether wk com 16th is more chemo or surgery.  Either way we move forward


8 thoughts on “More news

  1. Hi
    That is fantastic news and pleased to hear that things are moving forward. Missed you all last weekend but we will just have to get together very soon. Great to get the updates. Clare xx

  2. Great positive news! Lets hope that you can get through this as quickly as possible so you can start living your lives again. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. All our love Suz, Rob and Christian xxx

  3. Good news that the chemos doing exactly what is should be. Really glad Daisy is feeling better and having some fun. Hopefully see you next week and I’m really looking forward to it. All our love to all as ever x

  4. Moz thats great news about the tumor shrinking :0) and blood count is good X And asking too many questions is never bad you can be prepared for whatever comes your way. Love to you all and say hi to Daisy and thinking of you all. with love Julie x

  5. So glad to hear things getting better all the time – Daisy looks lovely in all the pictures! We do think about you a lot, love Caroline x

  6. Great news that you are doing so well Daisy. We look forward to seeing you back at school when you are well enough
    Cameron and Leo x

  7. Fantastic news from your recent visit to clinic will keep everything crossed that the scan shows sugery can go ahead sooner rather than later. You are all amazing with all you are going through thinking of you all xxx

  8. Daisy its Miss Ev (now Stooksbury) from Heathfield School here we all send a big hug to you and your mum and dad.We are all okay xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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