Good News in the Post!

Letter arrived in the post from the consultant today which said …’the surgical opinion is that it will be possible to preserve some of the normal pancreas and thus normal pancreatic function’.  This is, obviously, as positive as it gets regarding this element of surgery.  We’re so pleased to hear it and hope they’re right.  The down side is that it’s still a complicated operation that’s an estimated 6 weeks away and I am desperate to get it out of the way as full recovery is entirely reliant on resection of the tumour. Next week we go in to have Daisy’s heart and hearing monitored as the chemotherapy is likely to have an effect on both.  They predict that she will lose her ability to hear higher pitched sounds but will be able to have a conversation at normal levels.

We are now in a vague routine which means that the week after treatment Daisy has energy and is full of beans while we wait for the blood counts to go down, ie she has a ‘late dip’ before the next treatment is due to start (7th Feb)  We’ve all had a good week.  Monday, Daisy and I had our first trip out and about; to Costa in Bridgnorth. She casually took off her hat, tucked into a double chocolate muffin and was clearly oblivious to the  audience that was all around us. She has spent the week visiting new toy shops with Daddy, having fish and chips, going out for lunch (whilst I went to Burford with Sonja for a well earned 24 hours off).  She’s been shooting with Daddy today and played Twister at the Wenhams’; there’s still no sign of tiredness.  Considering we’re in the depths of the unfortunate camp, we are one of the most fortunate within it, for now.       



Sun 22nd

Third chemo is under our belt and Daisy’s done brilliantly again.  We had lovely visits from Urs and the girls and John and Diana which helped get us through what feels like a never ending stay. Daddy stayed overnight and managed to dress appropriately this time! More VIP visitors arrived today at home and Daisy has shown the usual natural energy and strength from within. Specially requested spare ribs and noodles on the menu for tonight – still no signs of going off her food!

More Good News

This sounds like it’s more bad news but it really isn’t! The doctors and surgeons have decided that Daisy should have 2 more blocks of treatment before operating because the tumour has shrunk significantly after the first 2.  Images show that the tumour originates from the head of the pancreas and the good news is that the tail of the pancreas can now also be seen which means there is a possibility that Daisy will not become diabetic as a result of the operation which is what we were originally told at diagnosis.  It’s brilliant getting positive news.  Chemo starts Wednesday but that’s fine I’ll buy more DVDs for us and download every app I can find. We’re still moving forward and Daisy’s really well.

Good News

We know that the MRI shows the tumour has shrunk significantly; it’s approximately half the size which was not predicted. Great news.  It looks likely they’ll carry on with the next block of chemotherapy next Wednesday but this won’t be confirmed until the consultants and surgeons have had their meeting on Monday.  Although Daisy’s doing amazingly well she needs a blood transfusion which she’ll have tomorrow morning and we’re hoping she’ll be well enough for friends to come for tea in the afternoon.


Such an important day and, as ever, Daisy’s done brilliantly.  She lay still for an hour in total and the staff were suitably impressed.  We went to find Lucy our Play Specialist when we got to the hospital as we had to carefully follow the MRI plan which Lucy and Daisy created together before Christmas.  First stop was to collect all necessary equipment; fluffy dog called Rocky, crayons and books. Then we had to find the big brown bear in Radiology but unfortunately there was a sign in his place saying ‘gone for a bath, back in a bit’. Finally, we had the scan and left very happily with ANOTHER fluffy toy and a Kinder egg.  We went straight from there to see Pete at Optima who is responsible for the creation of Daisy’s new hair.  We were all very impressed by what can be done and so grateful for his time and generosity.   Daisy is proud to announce she has been asked to be a flower girl at a family wedding in March so I think this could be the first big outing looking like we used to.


Daisy visited school this morning and had a mini reunion with her class mates; so lovely!  We had a tour of everything new in the playground and chatted to friends.  Daisy was obviously chuffed and overwhelmed but possibly because Christmas is still going on and she was presented with more cards and presents! She was given a lovely scarf by Finlay which she’s now wearing and a tremendous belated card from Luciano which reads:

” Class 2 are missing you.  Without you I’m like a mouth without eny teeth!!!”