2nd treatment

We’ve had no internet connection at Shrewsbury so the blog’s late; sorry!  Daisy has done incredibly well again an has had a lovely time with a little girl called Olivia who is 5 and remarkably similar to Daisy.  They have played games and turned our room into a cinema complete with popcorn and ice cream.  The treatment is so aggressive and takes its toll so the distraction has been brilliant for them both.   We are totally blown away by the facilities at the hospital; a huge, quiet room with lots of natural light and everything in it you could possibly imagine, our own bathroom (small and large person sinks) and the utter luxury of having my own bed was short lived as Daisy said it was just like hers and ‘could we swap?’.  The care has been superb, the staff treat us as though there’s nothing else to do except sort us out and there is now hope that treatment will be done by May which means our first ‘all clear’ scan could be August.  Next milestone is MRI on the 9th which will determine whether the first two blocks have shrunk the tumour enough for surgery.




7 thoughts on “2nd treatment

  1. Dear Daisy,
    I hope that you had a lovely Christmas and that Santa had a sack large enough for all your presents. It sounds like you have made a nice new friend and I’m sure mummy won’t mind that you decided to have her bed. Popcorn and ice cream sound fun! Happy New Year to everyone!
    Mr Smith

  2. Hello Girls,
    Good to read that the staff are so dedicated in there, it must be because they are ” Specialist ” in their field, rather than ” General “…so thats very re-assuring. So glad daisy has a little freind in there, distraction does help Im sure , if one is feeling a tadge grotty, and it sounds as though all of you are using your recourcefulness, to the ” full ” with games and make believe etc. I know when i go and babysit our Grandsons, they have all got the modern Gadgetry and accesories that are a “Must Have ” for all small boys,Santa even put a ” fart synthesiser ” in one of their stockings, it emits all sorts of unmentionable sounds from a squeak to a parp I had to “TUTT ” of course, but I had to giggle as well !!… the games they have the most fun with are still the old fashioned ones like, hide and seek, and hiding things to be found to the yells of cold, colder , ” WARMER ” and HOT , as they get closer to finding the hidden item…. also old fashioned Snap, the card game, is still great fun and the little ones can play, useful to fall back on when looking for some further distraction !! Soon be home again, and getting nearer and nearer to getting it ” Sorted ” xx
    Lots of love girls, see you very soon.
    Sally Roger and the TWC xxx

  3. Really happy to see that you are pleased with the treatment you are getting. How lovely that Daisy has made a friend. Happy New Year to you all and really hope to see you for a proper catch up again soon once Daisy is over the worst of the treatment again. Lots of love to you all.

    Emma, Jon and the boys xxx

  4. Hi Daisy,
    So glad that another treatment is now over and you have been such a wonderfully brave strong girl. Such great news that you have made a new friend too! Olivia sounds lovely and to be able to have your own cinema to share together, well, how much fun that must be! I hope that maybe you may feel well enough for me coming to visit you again soon? I also have a special friend who I would like you to meet you too, she is called ‘Daria’ the forest fairy. She has been to deliver you kisses whilst you have been asleep, do you remember me telling you? Well if you agree she said she would like to come with me when i visit. Can you let Mummy and Daddy know when you would like this to be so I can make sure Daria can come. Remember not everyone can see fairy’s only very special little girls. Lots of love Aunty Suz xxxx

  5. Sounds like Daisy is being a total superstar – well done Daisy for being so brave (and for stealing mommy’s bed ha ha ) You are all doing so brilliantly we think about you daily – here’s to continued hope and strength, lots of love Mich & Dan xx

  6. Daisy your new friend sounds great and how you are eating popcorn and ice cream !!!!!!!!
    We hope you had a good Christmas and father Christmas brought you lots of lovely presents.
    hope to see you soon
    love Alex and Vicky xx

  7. Hello,

    Just wanted to wish you luck for the 9th, I think about you all everyday and its lovely to hear how well Daisy is doing.
    Hope you had a good Christmas and really wish you all the VERY VERY BEST for 2012, you deserve it.
    Lots of Love Katie, Sean and the boys. xxx

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