Christmas Eve!

Daisy has a new hair style which she loves!  Our amazing hairdresser Tracey has just come to our rescue and sorted us both out (apparently mine was unacceptable). It’s a MASSIVE relief that Daisy loves her new image. It’s like going back in time as she looked just the same at 15 months old! She has given me permission to put her photo on the blog so here it is. Day by day things become a little bit more odd and sometimes more difficult to handle but she’s happy and that’s all we can ask for. Hope everyone has a really Happy Christmas


12 thoughts on “Christmas Eve!

  1. Gorgeous Daisy! You look lovely. Have a great day tomorrow I hope you have a very full stocking this year!
    Lots of love x

  2. You both look gorgeous! Happy Christmas Daisy, make sure you go straight to sleep tonight so Santa can deliver lots of presents for you.

    Merry Christmas from Joseph and Sammy too. They say we hope you enjoy your Christmas and have loads of presents xxx

  3. Hi Daisy, Sarah and Harry,

    Merry Christmas – thanks for the updates.

    The girls and I continue to read with interest and keep you in our thoughts.

    Great photo’s – Grace especially liked the new style, looking good! And got excited at seeing the house with the rain bow – here’s hoping. We are six days out from returning home to the UK, I’ll be back in Alveley on the Tue in the NY for a few days so will make contact and arrange for the Australian marsupial to join Daisy’s animal zoo then! Have a great day.

    Warmest Regards KNAAG

  4. Hi Daisy Sarah and Harry,

    Merry Christmas – I am not sure if the comments posted so will write again.

    Great photo’s – love the new style, looking good! And the house shot – get that framed, here’s hoping! We are six days out from returning home. I am up in Alveley on the Tuesday in the New Year so will arrange for the Australian Marsupials to join Daisy’s zoo then.

    Have a great day .

    Warmest Regards


  5. Loving the new haircut Daisy, very chic! Great to see you both tonight, Sarah & Harry. Hope we survive the cooking tomorrow & hope too that you all have a good day!
    Lots of love,
    Dominique. Xxxx

  6. Merry Christmas Daisy!!

    Your new hairstyle looks absolutely beautiful!

    Hope you got lots of nice things from Father Christmas! Hope you all have a lovely day.

    Lots of love from Miss Hutton xx

  7. Love the hair Daisy, it really suits you…although I think you could pull any style off with that beautiful smile! Hope you had a lovely Christmas. My dog Sidney decided to help himself to half a chocolate orange off the table yesterday and Ziggy tried to eat the Christmas tree!

    Take good care of Mum and Dad!

    Miss Loughlin


  8. Hi Daisy,
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas with lots of fabulous presents. Will be thinking of you over the next few days. You are such an amazingly brave little girl. Love to your Mum and Dad too.

    Love from
    Miss Lewis x

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