School Fundraising

Last blog for the day!  I have just read an email from school saying that the Christmas raffle has raised £515.00 which will be donated to Birmingham Children’s Hospital! Harry and I are so pleased (and impressed) by the generosity of the teachers, parents and Governors of Upper Arley Primary School.  We obviously must say thank you very much to Ian Smith our Headteacher, who has been incredibly supportive to us as a family along with his staff and, of course, the ‘Friends of Upper Arley’. I know there are many more people to thank for their cards, gifts, calls, texts, emails, messages, thoughts and general support so I will, somehow, make the time to do so over the coming months.


One thought on “School Fundraising

  1. Morning guys,
    Gosh Sarah, isnt that FANTASTIC…..its really wonderful to see and FEEL the support of the School and Head, Teachers and Parents, that is a marvellous ammount from a Village School.
    keeping fingers crossed for Daisy and the blood count, so crucial to the next treatment, still have to take each day at time , fingers crossed xxxxxxxx
    S R and H xxx

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