Home again after a routine trip to Shrewsbury today for more blood tests which is all normal/routine stuff for the treatment Daisy’s having.  Blood counts are still low which was expected but as we have had a worrying cough and cold symptoms since Friday we’re doing much better than we thought.  Neutrophils are what the medics are focussed on and they have to rise to a certain point before the next course of treatment can start. Back in on Friday to see if they’ve risen and obviously getting Daisy home for the weekend and well enough for the 28th is what we all want.  If we have to stay in we’ll be gutted but the fact is that I can burn a turkey any time so the date really doesn’t matter.


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  1. Hi All,

    Great to hear that Daisy’s is doing better than thought with having cough and cold symptoms the last few days. Really hope her levels have improved by Friday, that you are back home for the weekend and Daisy is able to have her next course of treatment. Daisy you are one truly amazing, beautiful Angel a real inspiration to everyone. Lots of love to You and your Mum and Dad xxx

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