Sat 17th Dec

Last night was spent with my oldest school pals who came from near and far to swoop me up and put me in Le Squirrelle (have to keep Alveley’s image up). Was fed crisps, chocolates and Champagne (thank you to a very generous StJohn). As if nothing had happened we sat and laughed all night about the usual things – school and how old we really can’t be; yet. Masses of relentless support (keep texting) and they know me well; massive breath of fresh air. I left my ‘unswerving’ Harry at the helm with a thermometer, baby monitor and pizza. Sorry but all my cooking skills are reserved for the patient.  We are on standby for an unplanned trip to the hospital at any time but we are ready for anything and will continue to be COME WHAT MAY.

Nick Armstrong, Rector of Alveley (Nic the Vic in our house) came to our riding stables today to return Smokey the nativity pony after a trip round the village doing Xmas duties and took a photo which appears to show us at the bottom of a rainbow. There is no pot of gold but there is hope for Daisy!


7 thoughts on “Sat 17th Dec

  1. Hello Sarah,
    doing some work on the puter and just recd yr update ! So glad that you had a good evening at Les Squirrelle… and why not…life is full of ups and downs , but one must enjoy the ups, to be able to weather the more challenging sides to life, and YOU deserved a night off I think, and sounds like it did you some good…GREAT xx and BLESS Harry, able to step in to the SRN role, sounds like all went well.
    Sarah, is it possible for you to put Roger onto yr list of approved recievers of yr blog, only Ive never operated such a thing before, and because he wants to know as much as I do, how its all going for you all, I have tried to forward him the Blog, and it wont ” GO ” to his Pc….so thats good in a way, but Im sure you wouldnt mind him being in the loop, if it IS ok with you, his email is
    Have a good weekend and we both send LOVE to you all, espcially to Daisy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Moz.
    It was so good to see you. You are right we know each other so well- so many shared adventues in our youth(?!). What a special night- we loved your local and we all want to come again soon- if Harry will be on duty!
    Magical photo- too beautiful. (Rainbow not us munching crisps!)
    Much love to Daisy- see you all soon
    Love to you all
    Claire xxx

    • I agree with everything Claire said, really enjoyed it and definitely happy to come over any time. What a fab pub you have as a local! Glad Daisy and Harry coped without you.
      Lots of love,
      Em x

  3. Beautiful photo!! Someone’s looking down on you, for sure! Great posts, by the way, lovely to read about Daisy. Can’t offer the shaving of my head (sorry!), but anything else, give us a shout, love Caroline x

  4. Hi Sarah, Harry and Daisy, So good to see you all on Sunday especially you Daisy! The rainbow photo is so magical. I totally agree and i am certain that its a wonderful sign that there are so many things we couldnt even imagine that are willing and helping Daisy to get well. hope she is doing ok. lots of love to you all Suz xxx

  5. Oh my goodness what an incredible and beautiful photo. Clever Nic the Vic. So glad you had a fab night out and go go Daisy as you ride this difficult period and hopefully sail on towards a very happy christmas together (if a slight cloud!!). We were down in london over the weekend and you are all very much in the thoughts of Frances, Dodsons and Knights and they all send lots of love. Hope house is still nice and cosy. So so sorry i won’t see you over chest,as but thinking of you all. Off to suffolk on wed night if i can get ready! Ed was on wrapping up duty tonight.
    Big hugs to you all

  6. So glad that the hospital didn’t keep Daisy in as you had feared. She is doing so well and is so strong, but what a couple of role model’s she has! That photo is amazing, we were driving along and saw that rainbow and said how wonderful and clear it was – we could see the whole rainbow and commented that it was the most beautiful, full rainbow we had ever seen and look where it led to! You are certainly being watched over. We hope very much to see you at church Christmas Eve and back to mine for a drink afterwards. The children will love to get together, Angie, Dom and Sonja are also coming. Take Care, God Bless you all, Lucy and Family xxxx

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