Spent the last couple of days doing normal things like walking the dogs, fussing the horse and burning stuff in the kitchen.  Fresh air much needed as it puts your brain where it belongs.  We visited Shrewsbury Hospital today for some weekly routine stuff and a general look around.  The environment is worlds apart from BCH simply because it’s quieter and calmer (staff appear to match) so it looks as though we’ll continue chemotherapy there.  Imaging and surgery will need to be at Birmingham.  Within 2 minutes of arriving Daisy was issued with a large Christmas present which also happened to be on her Santa list so as far as she’s concerned Shrewsbury’s a winner.  Oh, and Daddy shaved his hair off this morning (not allowed to put on blog). Have explained to Daisy that she’s in a far better position as hers will come back.


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  1. Hello Sarah Harry and Daisy,
    So glad that you all had a nice relaxing weekend, doing nice things and living in a Lovely place helps, and having amazing pets around, does help to focus the mind and our wellbeing .
    Was wondering when Daisy might be off to Shrewsbury, Bless her, the journey there is infinately nicer than to BCH, having said that, treatment in one and Procedures in another, does give you the option of comparing the two I guess,… didnt they just know how to impress DP , with a present from her list…that is so nice of them isnt it,,..by the way, is there anybody in your household who likes Fairys ? because Ive got something very nice for somebody who may be looking out for Fairies when she is out and about, tell Daisy to look up at the Trees around as Im SURE that Fairies live in those holes you see in them up the trunk, and when we are ALL asleep, they fly down with their tiny wigs and get up to ALL sorts of mischief !!
    I will keep this very special present for Daisy for after Xmas when I am better and can come and see her, and you Sarah !

    Im still sniffing so keeping well out of the way, thinking about you all so really glad can see with yr update blog , how its all going. Lots of love to you all
    Sally Roger and Henry xxxxx

  2. Great to read, & see, how Daisy is doing. The blog was a good idea. So sorry I won’t be able to see you when you meet up with the others this week. Hopefully see you at Alveley on 24th if Daisy feeling up to it. Will call you for a chat soon, Sarah. Think you’re all amazing. Tell Daisy that Jonty’s Daddy also has the bald head trend too! Jonty was saying today that he wants to see Daisy soon, maybe in the Christmas hols if all well. Lots of love to you all,
    Dominique. Xxx🎅🎄

  3. Glad to hear that your visit to Shrewsbury was successful and that Daisy can attend there for treatment although still a journey a much more pleasant a trip than the one you were taking to BCH.
    You look very snuggly in your latest photo Daisy. I have no news from school as I have not been in this week yet.
    Will be in touch again soon
    Take care all xxx

  4. We are happy to Know that you all liked shrewsbury and that you are enjoying being at home and walking your dogs and other things.
    cant wait to see you
    lots of love Alex and Vicky xx

  5. Tell my dear Cousin that we need pictures! Will be in touch soon to see whether a visit is possible or not while L&B are here – of course understand if not!
    Home life is so important, especially at this time of year.
    x x x x

  6. Great to hear you are out and about a bit and enjoying fresh air and pets. Would like to see Daddy’s bald head but don’t think there was much left anyway. Hope your painting horses have arrived – thought might something good to do if the weather is not too good or you are feeling poorly! Love to you all Vic xxx

  7. Hey Sarah, LOVELY picture of you and Daisy, she looking rather like a Polar Bear all wrapped up in that Fur coat, bless you sarah, you look MUCH better than you did a week ago, that is very good, hopefully the nasty cold and ” sniffs ” have evaporated…I hope so.. !! hope all goes well this week, and then back ” home “, to Paradise….. xx
    Lol sally Roger and Henry

  8. Hi Harry,Sarah and Daisy,
    So glad that the visit went well to Shrewsbury. I am sure with the environment being quieter and calmer will help hugely. Presents are always a winner but to have been on the wish list, well I am sure the Fairies had a hand in making that happen!
    Rob is very happy to hear that Daddy now has the same hairstyle as him too!
    Christian has sent four big kisses to Daisy and we have asked the fairies to deliver them, one a night whilst she is asleep. The delivery Fairy on duty this week is called Daria the forest fairy. She has been working hard recently, helping the squirrels and mice collect the fallen berries nuts for the Fairy Christmas feast. She said has time for this very special job and can’t wait to deliver them to such as special girl! So like I said the other week, Fairies are all around sometimes even when you cant see them! Did you feel the kiss last night? See if you do tonight?

    Love you all loads Suz, Rob and Christian x

  9. Hi Daisy, thank you so much for letting us visit you yesterday. After meeting Bob I really feel I have met a celebrity after all the things you have told me about him in the past – I can now put a face to the name – all be it a very furry one! I really enjoyed our chat and was very impressed with the Fur-Real Lion Cub do you think it is too late to ask Father Christmas if I can have one of those? Give my love to your Mum and Dad and thank them for the tea and biscuits. See you soon and keep smiling. Mrs Blower xx

  10. Hi Daisy and all… Shrewsbury does sound good! Alison caught a look at Daddy’s stylish hair the other day. And down at the Stables today I caught a great photo of your house… I’ll show you.
    Love from us both… Nick and Alison xx

  11. Daisy, Harry, and Sarah. We are all thinking of you from Bonnie Scotland and wish you all the very best with your treatments and the days that lie ahead. You are all so strong that I know you will fight this great determination and we are thinking of you daily in these difficult times. Daisy, your photos show you so happy, just keep positive and you will be the winner!! Alastair, Sarah, James and Rory sent you the biggest hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery – would love to see daddys new hair cut!! Don’t worry Daisy- as mummy says yours will grow in beautiful golden locks – daddys perhaps a liitle grey!! Love and hugs to you all, Alastair, Sarah, James & Rory xxx Look forward to seeing you in Scotland befor too long. x

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