Sat 10th

Daisy’s slept solidly both nights that we’ve been back which is a huge relief.  More furry companions arrived yesterday along with a magic Christmas tree so the lion and Milky the cow now have another pal – a pig. Thank you Aunty Claire.

A very wobbly start this morning was quickly followed by a massive breakfast.  Lack of appetite hasn’t been an issue yet (Mummy;s girl). Hoping we can get off the anti sick drugs tomorrow.  Life Mel honey arrived yesterday on recommendation via Rachel via Kylie Minogue (should help to keep infections at bay). It’s going down well so far, thank you Rachel for all the info.  Have lots to research as people are giving me all their advice and tips for various things.  People still finding out about our situation and getting in touch; its’ really nice to know as we’ve locked ourselves in while we’re in the unknown stage. Docs say keep germs away at whatever cost so our job is to allow her to rest, feed her good food and keep her happy. So far so good


6 thoughts on “Sat 10th

  1. Hi Harry, Sarah, and Daisy

    Please keep the information flowing as we are out to Australia Tue night and the girls are desperate to know how Daisy is progressing. I’ll take your advice and leave you guys – again, all our thoughts and prayers are with you over the Christmas period.

    For Daisy, the girls want to know if you have any special requests from Australia – given the fluffy toy collection, maybe a cuddly koala or bouncing kangaroo to add to the zoo?

    Warmest Regards


    • Hello Family Bagster
      It’s really nice to see you on Daisy’s blog; so very different from the usual form of communication. It’s really kind of you to add to what is bound to be an enormous amount of luggage but we’ll take you up on your offer and I’m quite sure Kangaroos and Koalas are both currently missing from the collection! Have a fabulous Christmas back home and enjoy the weather. Daisy’s really looking forward to seeing the girls next holiday time and she says she wants to ride Beauty as soon as she’s up and running again.
      See you soon

  2. Hi Sarah, Harry and Daisy
    So sorry to have just heard the news about Daisy, but pleased the prognosis is good.
    With such a good, and loving family surrounding Daisy and the wonderful medical team at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and the other medical staff looking after Daisy, we all pray that everything goes as the medical team plan.
    You are all being very brave and strong.
    Thank you for letting us share your walk, through this time,on your blog.
    Sending much love and prayers
    Jayne, Steve and Daniel

  3. Hi again Daisy S & H… we’ll stay away but right there in spirit – among the growing furry animal collection! And love and prayers from St Mary’s. Nick

  4. Hi Sarah, Harry and Daisy,

    So lovely to see all your nice photos on your blog Daisy. Hope it’s not too chilly at the Lake House. By the sounds of it you have an army of teddy bears to keep you warm!! Thinking of you all lots and looking forward to seeing you all soon. Lots of love Jenny and Stuart and Pippy x x x

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