7th Dec

Medication started to take hold last night but Daisy’s really been on form today and done loads of things on the ward; computer games with the Play Specialists, a visit from Grandma and usual general nonsense with Daddy (using drip stands as novelty transport). She’s sleepy so napping’s back. The nurses are impressed with how she’s coped in such a grown up manner (so am I) but it’s no indication of how things will be over the next few months.  One step at a time so just focussing on getting home, keeping infections at bay and planning what I’ll be burning for everyone on Christmas Day


8 thoughts on “7th Dec

  1. Hi Daisy
    I hope you are not feeling too poorly- looks like you are having fun with your colouring pens. I hope mummy and dady are OK. I think I have found a friend for Milky. See you all soon
    Auntie Claire, Tim, Georgie and Maddie xxx

  2. Dear all
    It sounds to me as if Daisy is being a superstar patient and also managing to have some fun with Daddy! What a courageous trio you make. Love and strength to you all and hope all goes well tomorrow, Friday will be here soon….
    Thinking about you all the time, Deb xxx

  3. Dear Sarah, Harry and Daisy,
    So, so pleased to hear that Daisy is feeling better today , throwing up is not much fun , having done it for the entire 9months of my first confinement, Daisy has my full sympathy, fortunately I understand the sickness is only tempory, I have no doubt Daisy will bounce back very quickly, sounds like she has already !!
    I seem to have come down with something coughy and sniffy, so will not be offering to be anywhere NEAR to you guys , I know that when it is suitable, Id love to see Daisy and you Sarah, , in the meantime, Roger and me are thinking about you all, and sending lots of love xxx

  4. Dear Daisy,

    I have been following your daily blog and am not surprised how brave and special you are being Daisy. I can see from the photographs that you are still being your busy self…making things and colouring. I know all the children and their families are checking to see how you are each day by following your BLOG. What a great idea of Mummy and Daddy to set that up as everyone wants to know how you are getting on. If it is possible Miss Loughlin and I would like to visit you again next week, but I will check with Mummy and Daddy before I do. Your ears must be burning as we are mentioning your name all of the time. All of the children and staff send you all their love. See you soon Daisy.
    Mr Smith

  5. Hey miss pitt – i am VERY impresed with your artistic creations! you will be teaching me art soon! Glad to see all is going as well as can be expected for you, and we are all thinking of you and look forward to seeing you all soon. (you can jump on uncle jonos head) and joe sends a big kiss.
    lots of love auntie steph,uncle jono and joe.xxx

  6. Hi Daisy Annabell Pitt!
    I am loving reading all of mummy and Daddy’s blogs about you, Luciano has seen some too and was super impressed by your snowman spoon!! He has written you a Christmas card and on Saturday at the school fayre he painted a little candle holder just for you. I think that you are SO super brave, as are your mummy and daddy. We are thinking of you all the time and sending loads of love, hugs and get well wishes. Look forward to seeing you really soon,
    Mrs Tramontana, Luciano, Mia and Lilia the crazy dog xxxx

  7. Hi Daisy,
    Glad to see you are keeping yourself busy I suppose you are hand making all our Christmas cards!!!!
    I hope to see all these wonderfull things you are making when you come home. Can’t wait to have you back home for another cuddle.
    Love from all the family, Lucy and folks xxx

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