6th Dec

1st stage of treatment for this cycle is done and 2nd is underway. Daisy’s spirits are up and the staff make getting on with normal things as easy as it could be.  She knows that being poorly from the medicine means its working; am telling myself the same. We’ve met an army of people today who will support us when we get home which is comforting. Escaped this morning to get much needed dvd player as tv not working on ward; massive relief.  Coventry City football players have been to visit us on the ward for which Daisy perked up almost 100% immediately when a photographer appeared. She told them she was a Wolves fan which is rubbish really, she just happened to be subjected to bits of a Wolves/ Sunderland replay from last weekend. We’re in for longer than expected so roll on Friday


8 thoughts on “6th Dec

  1. This blog is such a good idea. Lovely for us to be able to keep up with how you three are getting on. Lots of love to you all. Em and family x

  2. Hi, My first time on a blog! Good to see that all is going to plan. I can only imagine what it is like. It is really good to be able to see updates so thank you. Thank you also for the text re Emily’s Bday. It must be that last thing on your mind! Have a little parcel for Daisy which we will send to you at home. Clare xxxx

  3. Loved the snowman spoon you made yesterday Daisy. Read Miss Hutton might make some with class 1 next week Kelsee would love it if they did. Yesterday kelsee got very excited driving down the hill to school as she could see snow on the hills, she is hoping it snows this christmas.
    Mrs. Giethner-Hill be pleased you told the footballers you supported Wolves as she is a big fan.
    Lots a love Daisy,
    from Miss Lewis

  4. So glad that her spirits are high, we hope you two aren’t doing too badly either. As i mentioned to Sarah this afternoon just hope she will bounce back and she can enjoy Christmas as much as possible! You are such a brave girl Daisy! Love you all Suz, Rob & Christain xxx

  5. This is a great blog We’re thinking of you all the time Daisy sounds like a fab little girl (mothers genes?) You are all amazing and we send our love to you all Harry, Sarah and Daisy xx God Bless Mich (& Dan)

  6. Hi Sarah and Daisy,
    Just to let you know that Mr Smith is going to continue selling raffle tickets at the school productions for the lovely dog Brenda Sheriff donated to raise money for The Birmingham Childrens Hospital. In additiion, I have just been given a cheque for £100 from The Night Garden Charity !(A charitable trust set up by the people I work for) Hope to see you home for a while very soon, Lucy xx

  7. Daisy, you’re such a trooper and mum and dad are made of strong stuff too. We love your snowman, lots of smiles and love all the way from Australia. Bronte, Charlie and Sonny remember playing with you in Alveley at the cricket club and they’ve been asking about you, they send lots of love too. Xxx

  8. Good to hear Daisy is handling the beginning of her treatment in true Daisy style she truly is a real inspiration. Do hope You and Harry are ok too. A DVD player to while away the hours sounds like a good idea.
    Angela Lewis

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