Day 1

Daisy’s now started her treatment and she’s been eating and talking almost all day so apart from being connected to a mass of tubes everything’s still normal. She’s met another lovely teacher and made a spoon snowman. Writing tomorrow


6 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Well what a wonderful snow man! You are such a clever girl. It might snow at christmas that would be fun wouldn’t it. You could show Christian exactly how to make one. Can’t wait to see you. All our love aunty sue, uncle rob and Christian xxx

  2. Hello Daisy, Sarah and Harry
    I LOVE your spoon snowman Daisy, especially his spotty scarf! What a great idea. Have fun in the classroom tomorrow and hope to see you soon.
    Lots of love from Debbie and family xxx

  3. Hello Daisy,

    It is lovely to see some photographs of you. How wonderful that you have had a visit from Father Christmas and a very cute puppy!!

    Also, I love your spoon snowman! I think I may even make some like it with Class 1 next week!

    Lots of love from Miss Hutton xx

  4. Cool snowman Daisy, so glad today went well!
    Hope to see you all later in the week,
    Lucy, Neil, Alex & Rebecca xxxx (oh and Biscuit the dog)

  5. Hi Daisy
    Me and Leo wanted to say that we hope you get well soon so we can see you back at school soon smiling again

    Love from Cameron and Leo Watts

    P.s we love your snowman xx

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