VIP visited the…

VIP visited the Lake House this afternoon. There was an amazed small person at the window and Jack Rochelle’s new puppy paid us a visit – both very welcome


2 thoughts on “VIP visited the…

  1. Hello Beautiful Daisy,

    We are all missing you at school and my day doesn’t seem the same without you wonderfully funny stories, great jokes and amazing beautiful smile.

    Hope you had a lovely time with your special visitor today and that you put in a good word for me as I am hoping for a visit of my own come Christmas Eve (but of course only when I am fast asleep)

    Do hope Ziggy is behaving himself as we both know what a cheeky thing he can be. All your classmates asked Biscuit how old Ziggy was but Biscuit said “I am only 5 years old and can’t remember.” If you could ask Ziggy how old he is and let me know then I can tell everyone in class 2.

    Love to your Mum and Dad and A big Hug and Lots of Love to you Daisy.

    I will message you again soon.

    Love from
    Miss. Lewis

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