Our First Blog

Here’s the beginning of our extremely simple blog which we hope will make things easier for us and for everyone who wants to keep in touch.  I hope everyone can make sense of it and get around the site with more ease than I have so far!  For those who don’t know, Daisy fell over in the playground at school Wed 16th November and it is only for this reason we went to the GP for a routine check up where something in Daisy’s stomach was noticed. Thank you is all we can say to Kate Riley for spotting it and sending us straight to Telford.  Almost immediately it was made very clear to Harry and I that something serious was wrong but the doctors were totally honest and said it was out of their hands and Birmingham Children’s Hospital (BCH) would take over. We got to BCH on Sunday. Daisy (and Washy Bear) had a CT scan the next day which showed what was expected; a large tumour  A biopsy of the growth was done on the Wednesday from which Daisy recovered very well. Results came the following Tuesday.  Pancreatoblastoma is a  rare, treatable and curable cancer.  We came home on Thursday to what felt like 10 star luxury beds, continuous sleep and a we are now spending the weekend together as a family before treatment begins on Monday.  We’ve made a scrapbook for hospital with pictures of family, dogs, horses, pigs, goats and Bob the Guinea pig! It’s not what we’re in for over the next few months, it’s what BCH are in for handling our gifted and spirited Daisy Pitt.  I think the staff have her sussed already.

It goes without saying that we have been totally overwhelmed by the genuine concern, support and communication from family, friends old and new, friends of friends, school and people in  Alveley.  Daisy has had approximately 10 Christmas’s worth of cards and gifts and we will ultimately thank EVERYONE as and when we get the chance.  This will take a long time.  Harry’s particularly grateful for the presents because he thinks he’s getting out of the cost of Christmas altogether.  Keeping up with phone calls, answerphone messages, emails, texts and BBM has become a part time job but an enjoyable one because it really really keeps me going.  I have no idea who much time I will have to keep people up to date and hope that this site will be user friendly for people.

Our next stop this afternoon is a family photo session with Alfie the Jack Russell – should be interesting.


9 thoughts on “Our First Blog

  1. Hi Sarah and Harry
    We’re both so sorry to hear about Daisy and hope all goes well for you all.
    Birmingham children’s hospital is a really good hospital, when I (Louisa) went on placement there, i saw how lovely all the staff are and how hard they all work. I’m studying Pharmacy at Aston Uni, so I’m travelling to and from Birmingham every day, and walk past there. So if there is anything you need I can easilly drop it off for you.
    All our best wishes,
    Dave Wassell and Louisa Knowles

  2. To Sarah and Harry,

    Just a quick note to say I am thinking of you as Daisy starts (and continues through) her treatment. She is a truly amazing little girl and I miss her terribly at school. I bet everyone who meets her thinks she is as special as I do.
    Take care from
    Angela Lewis

    • Thank you so much. Daisy really misses school and can’t figure out why she can’t go at the moment so we’ll be keeping in touch. She’s been reading her emails from yourself and her other teachers so that feels a bit better I think. Sarah

  3. Hi Harry and Sarah,
    We are so shocked to hear this news. We hope Daisy’s treatment goes well and have everything crossed for you all. We’re sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way and hope that your strength and support around you pulls you through this extremely difficult time.
    Much love and hugs and kisses to Daisy xxxoooxxx
    Liz, Reece, Bronte, Charlie and Sonny. Xxxxxx

  4. Harry and Sarah,
    We simply have no idea what you’re going through right now – I just thank God for you being such a strong family. Our prayers are with you, Daisy and the brilliant doctors to get her through this bloomin horrible time.
    Paul, Tracey and the girls.

  5. Dear Sarah, Harry and Daisy,

    What a hugely informative first blog and an excellent way to keep everyone who cares very very much informed of how Daisy is. You are all constantly in our thoughts and if there is anything we can do to help in anyway (Lee’s a very experienced dog walker!), just shout. Your strength shines through.
    Love Kate, Lee, Jacob & Millie

  6. Hi Moz,

    I am so sorry to hear Daisy is poorly. It sounds like she has fantastic friends and family to get you all through this. She will get better and there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. You are in our thoughts. All our love, Sin, Jane Luca & Louis xxxxx

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