D, me + pup

D, me + pup


4 thoughts on “D, me + pup

  1. What a cute dog, I want it! Is that it’s tongue sticking out? Cheeky thing. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend at home, bet it’s felt lovely to be back. Missing you Daisy but this is a fab idea, I’ll make sure the class has a look at any pictures and things you put on. I will email you tomorrow with all Class 2’s animals riddles, so you’ll have to see if you can guess them!

    • Thanks Sarah. The puppy really is gorgeous; Daisy wants it as well! We’ve had a relatively normal weekend so it seems bizarre to be going back to hospital. 3 sleeps and we’ll be out.

  2. That must’ve been Santa’s first stop this year!! Lucky old you!! It’s great that you all had such a good weekend. I am ‘training’ in B’ham tomorrow and would love to pop in to see her/you if that would be ok……….will asume ‘yes’ unless I hear to the contrary. Lots of love from us all.

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