This will be where we will try and keep people up to date with any news we have about Daisy.  There may be delays, but we know you will all understand.

Lots of love

Sarah and Harry


4 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Hello Sarah, Harry and Daisy, So so glad you are having yr long weekend together in your Idyllic Shropshire Farmhouse retreat !!
    You got it sussed then Sarah, how to keep those you want to , informed on how you are all getting on, THANKYOU so much for including us on there, we really have been with you all the way, and obviously aware that you have HAD to prioritise your time , so this seems a GREAT way to keep family and freinds informed, all in one go.
    From what I have heard about BCH, you can have total Faith in them, to handle and care for Daisy, and get her well again.
    Please dont forget, if there is anything we can do , anytime, just ring 780 026.
    All the very best for the weeks ahead.
    take care
    Sally and Roger and Henry xxx

  2. lovely to see you all at home earlier today, Rebecca really enjoyed spending some time with Daisy. I would have attached the photo I took this morning but can’t figure out how to! Love and Best wishes xxxx

  3. Hi Daisy I met up with your grandma today, she tells me you are doing very well. I have given Grandma a sticker book to pass to you, I hope you can make some lovely pictures with it. Look after yourself and be good remember Santa will be here soon. Lots of love Nicky (grandma’s friend).

  4. to daisy molly me and Erin and Jacob and Rebecca and Kasie where Hulahooping and singing grenade WE WON THE TALENT SHOE. the prize was load of chocolate. after i won star of the week.i will tell you another joke what green and hang from a tree monkey snot. i read what you have been doing with Zggy you went to see santa i like your new tites. Jeremy and Calum danced for the talent the dance was so funny. ealanor is missing you so much. i hope you are felling better now lots of love from jackxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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