2nd treatment

We’ve had no internet connection at Shrewsbury so the blog’s late; sorry!  Daisy has done incredibly well again an has had a lovely time with a little girl called Olivia who is 5 and remarkably similar to Daisy.  They have played games and turned our room into a cinema complete with popcorn and ice cream.  The treatment is so aggressive and takes its toll so the distraction has been brilliant for them both.   We are totally blown away by the facilities at the hospital; a huge, quiet room with lots of natural light and everything in it you could possibly imagine, our own bathroom (small and large person sinks) and the utter luxury of having my own bed was short lived as Daisy said it was just like hers and ‘could we swap?’.  The care has been superb, the staff treat us as though there’s nothing else to do except sort us out and there is now hope that treatment will be done by May which means our first ‘all clear’ scan could be August.  Next milestone is MRI on the 9th which will determine whether the first two blocks have shrunk the tumour enough for surgery.




Christmas Eve!

Daisy has a new hair style which she loves!  Our amazing hairdresser Tracey has just come to our rescue and sorted us both out (apparently mine was unacceptable). It’s a MASSIVE relief that Daisy loves her new image. It’s like going back in time as she looked just the same at 15 months old! She has given me permission to put her photo on the blog so here it is. Day by day things become a little bit more odd and sometimes more difficult to handle but she’s happy and that’s all we can ask for. Hope everyone has a really Happy Christmas

Thurs 22nd Dec

We were summoned to Shrewsbury today (instead of tomorrow) as Daisy’s cough had worsened.  Good news is her blood counts are up, we have antibiotics to get us through the next 5 days for the cough which means we’re home for Christmas, there’ll be no hospital for 6 days and the next treatment starts on time – Wednesday 28th. Nurse said Daisy can get on a horse if she wants so think we’re officially out of quarantine, for now


School Fundraising

Last blog for the day!  I have just read an email from school saying that the Christmas raffle has raised £515.00 which will be donated to Birmingham Children’s Hospital! Harry and I are so pleased (and impressed) by the generosity of the teachers, parents and Governors of Upper Arley Primary School.  We obviously must say thank you very much to Ian Smith our Headteacher, who has been incredibly supportive to us as a family along with his staff and, of course, the ‘Friends of Upper Arley’. I know there are many more people to thank for their cards, gifts, calls, texts, emails, messages, thoughts and general support so I will, somehow, make the time to do so over the coming months.

Home again after a routine trip to Shrewsbury today for more blood tests which is all normal/routine stuff for the treatment Daisy’s having.  Blood counts are still low which was expected but as we have had a worrying cough and cold symptoms since Friday we’re doing much better than we thought.  Neutrophils are what the medics are focussed on and they have to rise to a certain point before the next course of treatment can start. Back in on Friday to see if they’ve risen and obviously getting Daisy home for the weekend and well enough for the 28th is what we all want.  If we have to stay in we’ll be gutted but the fact is that I can burn a turkey any time so the date really doesn’t matter.

Sat 17th Dec

Last night was spent with my oldest school pals who came from near and far to swoop me up and put me in Le Squirrelle (have to keep Alveley’s image up). Was fed crisps, chocolates and Champagne (thank you to a very generous StJohn). As if nothing had happened we sat and laughed all night about the usual things – school and how old we really can’t be; yet. Masses of relentless support (keep texting) and they know me well; massive breath of fresh air. I left my ‘unswerving’ Harry at the helm with a thermometer, baby monitor and pizza. Sorry but all my cooking skills are reserved for the patient.  We are on standby for an unplanned trip to the hospital at any time but we are ready for anything and will continue to be COME WHAT MAY.

Nick Armstrong, Rector of Alveley (Nic the Vic in our house) came to our riding stables today to return Smokey the nativity pony after a trip round the village doing Xmas duties and took a photo which appears to show us at the bottom of a rainbow. There is no pot of gold but there is hope for Daisy!

Spent the last couple of days doing normal things like walking the dogs, fussing the horse and burning stuff in the kitchen.  Fresh air much needed as it puts your brain where it belongs.  We visited Shrewsbury Hospital today for some weekly routine stuff and a general look around.  The environment is worlds apart from BCH simply because it’s quieter and calmer (staff appear to match) so it looks as though we’ll continue chemotherapy there.  Imaging and surgery will need to be at Birmingham.  Within 2 minutes of arriving Daisy was issued with a large Christmas present which also happened to be on her Santa list so as far as she’s concerned Shrewsbury’s a winner.  Oh, and Daddy shaved his hair off this morning (not allowed to put on blog). Have explained to Daisy that she’s in a far better position as hers will come back.